City official speaks out on executive order

SAVANNAH, Ga. – “We have a large number of Muslims that live here that contribute to that vitality of our city and certainly we have to be in support of them,” Van Johnson, Alderman of the first district, said.

Johnson is talking about the travel ban and how America needs to welcome everyone who wants to come here.

“This is un-American. This is counter to what America stands for.”

So, he’s taking action.

“To ask our local city council to be able to take the lead in at least approving a resolution to go to our delegation and to our president expressing what our concerns are,” Johnson said. “We represent Muslim citizens.”

Johnson wants to make it known that the city of Savannah will not stand behind this executive order. He’s reached out to his fellow city leaders to join him in this decision.

“I can’t sit and just stay quite because a group of people are targeted of the country they’re from or because of the country they’re from or because of the religion they choose to practice,” Johnson said.

Especially when he believes they’re not the ones causing all of the violent attacks that have happened in our country.

“I submit to you that we’ve probably had more violence, more gun violence, on our American streets by Americans that we’ve had from Islamic terrorists that have done harm within our country since 9/11,” Johnson said.

Moving forward Johnson said he plans to maintain what Savannah stands for as a whole.

“Hopefully we’ll just take the lead here in Savannah,” Johnson said. “Savannah is a welcoming place. We are the Hostess City of the south.”

Johnson has reached out to his fellow council members about the resolution. It’s up to them whether they approve it or not for Thursday’s city council meeting.

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