Women share stories returning from Women’s March on Washington

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – More than a week ago millions of them marched. Sunday, in Savannah, the women who took to Washington for the women’s march shared their stories and messages of inspiration from the historic event.

“Whether you are on the right side of the aisle or the left, you must admit that it is phenomenal to see what people can do when they come together,” says marcher Yael Elfassy-Connor.

That being more than a million people, including hundreds that went from Savannah to Washington to protest in the Women’s March.

“I think what happened was really brilliant and beautiful example of what democracy looks and sometimes that makes people uncomfortable, but that how we move forward,” says event organizer Coco Papa who also went to Washington.

Those memories and messages continue back here at home. Many women share their stories for why they went.

“I marched for women to choose what is best for their body and not for the government to choose,” Elfassy adds.

Others addressing the room with the inspirations they took from it.

“Take that fear, that discomfort, that lump in your gut, and just use it, let it propel you forward to what only you can do,” Ariel Felto says to the crowd of more than 60 in Trinity UMC.

While many were in DC, dozens stayed in Savannah mirroring satellite cities across the country taking part in the march.

“We need to be connected, we need to be informed and we need to be active,” says Amanda Hollowell who helped set up the Savannah Women’s March.

The fear of losing equal rights in work, in marriage, and in society sent these women to Washington. In the weeks and months now they’ll look back on what could be known as the largest gathering of women orchestrated by women in our country’s history not for the size, but for the issues that lead them there.

“Involvement going forward is vital, to ensure that inalienable rights promised are not denied in our Democratic society. I have been told you are only as good as your last march, God please make this be my last march,” says marcher Carol Greenberg.

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