SCCPSS board president to speak against DeVos

ATLANTA, Ga. – The Savannah-Chatham County school board president is taking action against Trump’s secretary of education nominee.

Betsy Devos is expected to take the slot, but several educators say no.

Board president Jolene Byrne arrived in Atlanta Monday and is preparing to speak with state leaders Tuesday morning before Devos’ confirmation hearing. Byrne is headed to Washington, D.C. Tuesday for the hearing.

She plans to show letters of parents and teachers against Devos.

Byrne says her lack of experience in the education field makes her unqualified for the position.

“We believe that three senators are needed to change the vote from confirming Ms. DeVos to voting that down and Senator Isakson is one of the senators that we are hoping will consider putting children first, putting public education first,” Byrne said. “Ahead of any sort of partisan politics.”

It’s not too late for your voice to be heard. You can email her your letter at

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