Neighbors voice support for “Food Truck Park” in Starland Art District

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – We’ve heard from both sides in debate to allow food trucks in Savannah.

Now the plans for a “food truck park” in the Starland art district are one step closer to being reality. It’s inspired by cities across the country. What now is an empty lot and dog park along Desoto Avenue and West 39th, could become a park for food trucks. They could have a temporary home and kitchen, but also a space developers hope will bring neighbors from all across the city to enjoy.

“We feel that this project will be an important part of that transition from what this neighborhood was which was there was a lot of crime and it was not the safest place to be at night not that long ago,” says lot owners and developer Guy Davidson.

Now, If you ask anyone who lives in the Thomas square Starland district, it’s fast becoming a hub of creativity for business and culture in Savannah. The development would turn a more than twenty-three thousand square foot parking lot into an outdoor venue for food, drinks, and food trucks.

“We wanted to give them a great option, off street option, out of the public right of way, on private property to operate,” Davidson adds.

Allowing the site to develop and sell food and alcohol was approved by the zoning board last week. It’s one step closer to a hub kitchen for food trucks across Savannah and a bright addition to bring more people together in the area.

“My initial reaction to this project was one of complete awesomeness, and being really excited to see this happen,” says Starlandia Reclaimed Art Supply operator Clinton Edminster.

Edminster has led the art rise Savannah art march in Starland for a couple of years now. He along side nearly thirty others sent letters of support for the project.

“The Starland district needs more restaurants,” adds Edminster.

The project still needs final approval by the planning commission and will have to make sure it does not disrupt the homes around the park.

“I feel pretty confident we’ll be open by spring of 2018,” Davidson says.

The plans for the build were passed by the ZBA will specific requirements the developers add buffer walls along Whitaker and other residential streets. The appeals board also requires the place not operate before ten in the morning or after ten at night.

The development needs one last approval by the Metropolitan Planning Commission before they can break ground.

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