CrimeStoppers & O.C. Welch offering up to $5,000 to catch Keith Passmore’s killer

SAVANNAH,Ga. (WSAV) – It’s been just over 2 years since 12-year-old Keith Passmore was shot and killed while outside a party on Vicksburg Drive. He would have turned 14 on February 1, something he had been eagerly anticipating.

His family is still no closer to having any answers as his case remains open and to date no one has been arrested. To help encourage someone to step forward, O.C. Welch is offering an additional $2,500 for any tips that lead to the arrest of his killer.

As a boy who was small-statured and eagerly awaiting his next growth spurt, Keith would often say he was 14 when people asked him his age. He couldn’t wait to be a teenager but his aunt, Darlene Schnieber, remembers him as a young boy who was so excited for Christmas every year that he would search tirelessly to find his hidden presents before Christmas morning.

Keith loved playing soccer and basketball and fished every chance he could. When he would visit with his aunt, Mrs. Schnieber, he would go hunting with his uncle and play hide and seek in the woods. He loved the beach and went swimming in the ocean as often as possible, Mrs. Schnieber recalled.

Keith was shot and killed outside a party on Vicksburg Drive on November 22, 2014, just three streets away from where he lived. Someone approached the vehicle he was sitting in and aimed a gun at Keith’s uncle, who was driving the vehicle. When his uncle tried to drive away, the assailant opened fire, killing Keith.

Officers and Keith’s family believe someone in the neighborhood or at the party must have witnessed something but no one has come forward. CrimeStoppers will pay up to $2,500 for a tip that leads to an arrest in this case, and O.C. Welch has offered an additional $2,500 to encourage someone to come forward.

“As a family, we pray for answers and some measure of justice for Keith in the hopes that others will not suffer the same fate,” said Mrs. Schnieber. “Even if someone is arrested, it won’t bring Keith back, but maybe it would prevent another person from becoming a victim of the same killer.”

If you have any information about Keith’s murder, call CrimeStoppers anytime at (912) 234-2020 to submit a tip or submit a tip online at are always anonymous.

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