A woman ships containers of lard to State Senator Joyce Krawiec

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A State Senator in North Carolina has taken a lot of heat for her tweet about the recent women’s marches- it doesn’t stop there.

Now Senator Joyce Krawiec of Forsyth County is catching flack in a different way.
Many women have been shipping lard to the Senator’s offices and to her home.

This all comes in response to her now deleted tweet – “message to crazies at women’s march– if brains were lard, you couldn’t grease a small skillet. you know who you are.”

Since then she’s received a lot of criticism and response on social media.

Earlier this week she offered an apology and tried to clarify what she meant by her comments, but that didn’t stop dozens of women from shipping the lard.

In fact, several comments are posted on amazon’s website from women who sent lard and encouraged others to do so.

Including this comment: “Apparently Senator Krawiec thinks women who march for our rights have lard for brains. So I sent her some of my brains. Great product!”

A Winston Salem woman not only sent lard to the Senator but set up a go-fund-me page to help others do the same.

The senator has not commented about the shipments of lard- but did offer an apology “to those who acted inappropriately”

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