“Philharmonic in the Streetz” draws crowd for midtown block party

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – A little brass with you barbecue was just what neighbors had to enjoy Sunday afternoon in Savannah’s midtown.

Members of the Savannah Philharmonic brass section took to the streets over at Bull and 42nd street.

It’s a part of a new initiative for the philharmonic bringing music to all parts of Savannah not just to those who can make it to the concert hall. Trick’s barbecue is a favorite for conductor Peter Shannon so he decided to bring music to the site in effort to bring people together.

“We talked about moving it to a bigger venue and getting their food out there and they said, ‘no Peter let’s keep this in the hood’, and we’re proud of that you know this is a great neighborhood, wonderful people here I eat my ribs here with my kids at least twice a week and it’s a chance to show off that side, the good side of Savannah that sometimes gets a bad rep,” says Shannon.

The philharmonic has kicked off its 2017 season and will be performing at the end of February with their chamber series.

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