Vets, activists protest pipeline order in Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – There have been protests all over the country including here in Savannah about another executive action taken by the president. This one focuses on the Dakota Access Pipeline project.

Months of protests in Standing Rock, North Dakota lead to the denial for the pipeline being built under a lake there. Tuesday that process was reopened by the president and locally those against the project worry the public will not have a voice in the matter.

Just four days after the Trump administration revived the Corps’ review of the project, protestors across the country including here in Savannah took to the streets.

“I’m worried about the water, I’m worried about all of the protectors that are still out there defending the river. I’m upset, I’m angry I feel like history is repeating itself,” says Laura Shadley a Klamath tribe member who protested with the several dozen outside the Savannah Civic Center.

The Tuesday order will revive the Army Corps of Engineers review. The project would build a line under a North Dakota lake half a mile from the Sioux tribal reservation.

“I feel like he’s doing this, he’s a businessman and I feel like corporations are just trying to take control of everything and their not thinking of the long-term its short term solutions for long-term devastation,” adds Shadley.

Protesters formed in downtown Savannah to echo those messages over 2016, opposing the line.

“We’re drinking contaminated water and they want to contaminate the water more with more oil spills come one, something is wrong here,” says R.U.F.F member Philly Myers.

The order says, if lawful, it demands the army “expedite” reviews of the project, change the decision in disapproving easements and maintain the Corps’ original call that was favorable of the build.

“It’s going to set a precedent whether we beat it or not it’s going to set a precedent for the rest of the country whether we decide to keep laying pipelines or we decide to move towards more sustainable methods,” Shadley adds.

Time frames on the permit review are still up in the air. The Obama-appointed Assistant Secretary for the Army who denied the easements did so with the intent to have the Corps and the company review alternate routes.


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