Wilmington Island man rallies communities to donate supplies for Adel storm victims


Social media sites have many uses, and this week it helped a Wilmington Island man collect supplies for storm victims in Adel.

Disaster Control and Prevention CEO & Chief Instructor, Robert Buckley, told News 3 after he found out one of his crew members had family living in the small city, he wanted to find a way to help.

So he sent a few Facebook messages asking for donations…and Buckley says in just 48 hours people dropped off enough clothes and supplies to fill a small trailer!

“Savannah really stepped up to the plate…and we so appreciate that. I think we found that after Hurricane Matthew, the value of community is helping communities. These are Georgians we’re talking about…and our entire state is responsible for our entire state and it starts with us,” Buckley said.

Buckley said he, too, has experienced a natural disaster.

“It’s painful to see Georgia go through it, it’s painful to see anyone go through it. But that’s when people have to understand, that’s the time you come together. It’s the time that…when communities came to help us with Hurricane Matthew…I literally ran into people who were crying…not because of what happened, but because it was an outpouring of help…that’s very humbling,” said Buckley.

Buckley told News 3 he’s thankful to Wilmington and Skidaway Island communities for their donations, as well as the Pooler Fire Department for sending one of their own to make the trip.

The supplies were delivered to Adel Thursday morning.

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