FUGITIVE FILES: Pair of wanted assault suspects

Dawane Thomas spent time in prison on drug and sex offender charges

Two men, two violent crimes, now on the run, wanted by Savannah Chatham Metro Police

“Mr. McLeod allegedly strangled his roommate, and fled the scene,” said Detective Rico Jordan of SCMPD Violent Crimes

That’s why Lomar McLeod is now wanted by Savannah detectives. for a crime the day after Christmas.

Lomar McLeod
Lomar McLeod

“They lived together and couldn’t get along, had several verbal arguments this time it turned physical,” explained Detective Jordan.

McLeod, who has a criminal history in the state of Pennsylvania, may be in Atlanta or Monroe County, Pennsylvania.

Detectives believe someone here can help bring him to justice.

Dawane Thomas is also wanted for aggravated assault.

Dawane Thomas
Dawane Thomas

“He allegedly entered a nearby apartment, physically assaulted an unknown man with a firearm, he then pointed that firearm at a woman and child and the fled the scene,” explained Detective Antwan DIggs of the SCMPD Violent Crimes Division.

Dawane Thomas is a 6’7″ 310 pound man with a lengthy criminal history and prison time.
the convicted felon can add another aggravated assault charge to the list.

“A violent guy this you want to get him off the streets you don;t want him running around the streets with a firearm, ”

He may be in the 1100 block of East Anderson street, near East 33rd and Waters ave or near Skidaway road and Delesseps ave.

Dawane Thomas spent time in prison on drug and sex offender charges
Dawane Thomas spent time in prison on drug and sex offender charges

If you can help find either Dawane Thomas or Lomar Mcleod, call Savannah Chatham Metro Police or Savannah-Chatham Crimestoppers right away at (912) 234-2020.

Remember all calls are anonymous and if your tip leads to an arrest, you could be eligible for a cash reward.

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