The storm’s deadly devastation left a rural Georgia family worried but thankful to be alive

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Crews are still surveying Baxley, Georgia– where a possible tornado touched down. One family is certain there was one because they were outside when it hit.

It is really a tale of fighting for your life; The Bohannons had no other option but to take cover out in a ditch when the skies went dark and the wind tore through Zoar Road.

The Bohannons had to act quickly Sunday morning, Coffman recalled the frightful moment, “Alright… alright – let’s go let’s go, go to the ditch go to the ditch.”

When asked about the tornado, one of the Bohannons said, “I have no doubt my mind that it was a tornado.”

There are no lower levels in the Bohannons just off of Zoar road in Baxley. When a tornado warning was issued they went outside and ran for a ditch.

Kaye Coffman said, “Hey I was glad to get to that ditch, I was afraid we weren’t going to make it at one point because it sounded like the roar was right behind us.”

Jami’s husband covered both of them as rain and debris flew through the air.

Jami Bohannon’s account, “I thought about my children first thing, and that I had recently told them that I did love them.”

They thought the worst was about to happen. When it was all over their home was still there. A damaged roof, but livable.

The days ahead will bring a lot of hard work for neighbors in Baxley. Bohannon adds, with it–, comes a lot of thanks.

“I am so thankful … in the aftermath of this devastation I can see how people pull their strength from their faith in this because most of my friends they talk about, ‘we’ve got trees down, tree on our house, but we’re thankful.'”

Within the next day, it will be known if it was, in fact, a tornado that cut through the Zoar community outside of Baxley. Many people out there are amazed that no one was killed and only one or two people were hurt.

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