Savannah ‘Women’s March’ passengers stranded after bus never shows

SAVANNAH, Ga. This weekend an estimated 500,000 packed the streets of the nation’s capitol to take part in the ‘Woman’s March on Washington’ to stand up and protest against a government they say isn’t working for their best interests.

Three buses were D.C. bound set to leave at 10:00 p.m. from downtown Savannah. According to bus passengers, ‘Bus 3’ never showed up.

“I’m not going to lie, I was very upset last night, just incredibly disappointed,” bus captain Kathryn Shelton said.

Passengers paid more than $120 per seat that, according to passengers, had to be paid through online or wire payments. The scheduled bus was supposed to be chartered by Get On Board Charters.

“We waited until after midnight and the bus never showed up and we tried to contact the company and who the bus was contracted to and they didn’t answer the phone,” passenger Kristy Edenfield said.

Many of the passengers who were unable to make it to Washington went instead to Savannah for the local march.

Attempts to reached the company by WSAV were unsuccessful because the phone number provided on its website blocked calls from going through.

We will keep working on this and bring you any updates.

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