Georgia left damaged in storms wake

Fourteen people were killed Sunday when several tornadoes swept through Georgia while another twister claimed at least four lives in Mississippi on Saturday.

Source: AP

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Houses were torn apart and some communities- completely devastated by the severe weather experienced in several pockets of Georgia and the tri-state. In total Georgia lost at least 18 people due to the storm.

On Sunday, President Donald Trump spoke with Governor Nathan Deal. President Trump described the state as, “A… great state and great people.” President Trump also explained that the tornadoes were, “Vicious, powerful, and strong … and [Georgia] they suffered greatly.”

At least 19 people were killed and 43 injured in Southeast. According to NBC News, the storm had a speed of 70 miles per hour. It was reported that seven southwest counties of Georgia were under a state of emergency.

The storm was so powerful that trucks were tossed around like toy cars and trees flattened homes – mobile parks were utterly destroyed.

In Mississippi 4 lives were lost and destroyed everything in its 25 mile track.
Thousands of people were without power but this is not the worst part; for some people, precious memories have been destroyed: pictures, family heirlooms, and the like.

One person told NBC News, “Right now I’m going through my stuff and I have pictures …but it’s my kids …memories…I’m seeing a lot of my high school memories are gone… college memories gone.”

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