Coolest looking firefighter jet-ski dolphin pack, saving lives

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — Dubai’s latest innovation in firefighting will see firefighters soar into the air to put out fires in difficult places to reach, such as bridges or river banks.

The Dubai Civil Defense released a video showing a firefighter approaching the scene of a fire by jet ski, and then being propelled into the air by the dolphin water jetpack system in order to put out the fire from a vantage point.

According to a post on the Dubai civil defense’s Facebook page, this innovation will “provide an additional opportunity to save lives.”

The first system is in operation and more will be rolled out across different civil defense stations across Dubai.

Now the question is will the United States be implementing this innovative fire-fighting tactic? Does the United States need this type of tool? Is this approach safe or will it do more harm than good?

There is no doubt that Firefighters look awesome saving lives in style but what are the costs to this type of tool and if this jet-ski type mechanism can truly work, will the implementation process take years and years to develop.

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