Tips for Staying Safe in Severe Weather

With the threat of severe weather this weekend WSAV and Storm Team 3 wants to make sure you are ready.

First…. Be able to recognize the difference between a watch and a warning.

A watch is issued by the NWS when the ingredients for a severe thunderstorm or tornado are present. Usually for a larger area and for a longer period of time.

A warning is issued when a severe thunderstorm or tornado has been detected on radar or if one has been seen out in the field. A warning is usually for a specific area.

Both should be taken seriously, but a warning requires quick action as life and property are at risk.

Second…Know the safest spot to be in if a Tornado Warning is issued

At home:

  • Center most portion of house
  • Lowest Level
  • Away from windows
  • Small interior room– bathroom or closet

*Crouch down and cover your head with your hands, or even better with a thick blanket.

In the car:

  • DO NOT try to out drive the tornado
  • Get out of your car and take shelter in a sturdy structure
  • If one is not available, get to the nearest ditch or low-lying area

*Crouch down and cover your head with your hands, or any type of thick padding to prevent injury from flying debris.

In mobile home:

  • GET OUT!!! Mobile homes are very vulnerable in severe weather
  • Even if tied down, they don’t provide protection during a tornado
  • Find alternate shelter BEFORE the storm hits

Third…Have a Post Storm plan:

  • Stay away from downed power lines
  • Avoid heavily damaged structures as they could collapse at any time
  • Do not smoke or use matches/lighters in case of gas leaks


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