Savannah crowds protest Trump administration, “We will not be silent”

SAVANNAH, Ga. – With signs, flags, and pink hats, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets across the America to protest the new Trump administration.

The marches were centered around the Women’s March on Washington.

“Protest and dissent are at the heart of what it means to be American,” Savannah Windsor High School teacher Michele Hooker said.

In Savannah, organizers estimate more than a thousand showed up to Johnson and Wrights Squares to raise awareness for various causes and issues like women’s rights, abortion, healthcare, education, social security, equal pay and President Trump’s leadership abilities.

“Until he demonstrates that he is our president and not just out for himself and his cronies, then we’ve got to do this and increase our demonstrations,” A protestor named Craig said.

While the protest and march were mostly peaceful, others say they are looking forward to taking action to defend what they say is the right to protest. Hooker says everyone, regardless of whether they voted for President Trump or not, deserves to be at the table and be a part of the ongoing conversation of unity.

“Having a positive word and a positive solution for our country is where we need to be,” Hooker said.

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