UPDATE: Metro Police Release New Details After Body Found At Home on Ft. Argyle Road


Savannah — WSAV

A bizarre story of a death investigation near Fort Argyle Road.  Police arrested Brian Lewis over the weekend, after they found his father-in-law’s body inside a shed behind a home they shared.

Friday, Savannah Metro Police detectives were called to the home to check on the man who lived there, 67 year old Ronald Redding.

Family members had reported him missing.  According to an incident report obtained by WSAV News 3, detectives asked Redding’s daughter, who also lives there, when did she last see her father.

The woman told police she hadn’t seen him since October of last year.  She told police her husband, 44 year old Brian Lewis, who also lives at the home, told her that he and Redding got into a fight.

She said, “My husband told me my dad pulled a knife on him, my husband hit him, he fell and hit his head,” the daughter said.

The woman says Lewis checked her dad for a pulse, but he didn’t have one – and told her it was an accident.

When officers asked her if she knew where her father was, the woman told police her father was dead inside a shed behind their home.

Police say when they opened the door, they found a large waste management trash can with blood on the side of it.  Crime scene detectives were called in to investigate.  Lewis is charged with concealing the death of another and exploitation

abuse of an elderly or disabled person.

Metro Police are continuing to investigate.





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