Local women prepare to march in D.C. and Savannah

Women from Bluffton and Hilton Head woke up at 4 a.m. Saturday to prepare for the Women's March at the nation's Capitol.

Thousands are massing on the National Mall for the Women’s March, and they’re gathering, too, in spots around the world.

As people prepare to march from two Savannah squares, others from our area made the trip to D.C.

Heather Bragg of Bluffton stated on her Facebook page, “This movement is palpable.”  She added that she and her friends woke up at 4am energized about exercising their democratic rights.

Two rallies are taking place in Savannah, both starting at noon.  One begins at Wright Square and the other at Johnson Square.  The two groups will join together at Forsyth Park.

A couple hundred people rallied in the Czech capital of Prague on Saturday in support of the march.

In Wenceslas Square in freezing conditions, they waved the portraits of President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin, as well banners that read: “This is just the beginning.”

Organizer Johanna Nejedlova says: “We are worried about the way some politicians talk, especially during the American elections.” Similar rallies unfolded in London, Berlin, Rome and other cities.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, protesters in the march’s trademark pink woolen hats met outside the U.S. Embassy. Says participant Sherin Khankan, “An alternative to the growing hatred must be created.”

At a rally in Stockholm, Sweden, organizer Lotta Kuylenstjerna says “we do not have to accept his message,” in a reference to Trump.

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