Richmond Hill teen attends inauguration; Says it’s one for the books

WASHINGTON D.C. – Among a sea of people was one Richmond Hill student on a mission.

“It’s really a life experience that I got to experience and I really appreciate everybody that got me here,” Cole Barfield, a teen campaigning to meet Trump, said. “I appreciate Buddy Carter giving me the tickets.”

Thursday Barfield, 16, met with his generous supporter and met a few other high profile people along the way.

“The inaugural ball that I attended and this inauguration was really amazing,” Barfield said. “I met a lot of people at the inaugural ball last night that were really influential this past campaign.”

He briefly met Senator Ted Cruz and a few other elected officials, but the man he really wanted to see was hard to reach.

“I’m still working towards that goal,” Barfield said. “I didn’t actually get to meet them because of course security was very high and they weren’t really able to have time to do it this time, but I’m still working towards it. I think I can still achieve it.”

In the meantime, he’ll bend the ears of those closest to him.

If I can’t talk to the President because if I can get this message along to anybody that can make a change it would be good,” Barfield said.

Barfield did make it one step closer in the right direction and had a great experience, however he’s not giving up on his goal.

“My campaign wasn’t to get to the inauguration it was to make change and I loved the experience that I had,” Barfield said. “It really gave me an eye opener into what happened, but that’s not what my mission is about. It wasn’t to get to the inauguration; it wasn’t to just take a trip. This wasn’t a trip to me it was an eye-opener of what I need to worry about and what I need to do for the future of my campaign.”

Barfield says he plans to continue campaigning to reach the president.

His message is to help his generation understand what’s happening in the political world and what they need to know come the next election.

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