President Trump Supporters Welcome New Day in Washington

Washington, D.C. — WSAV

Dozens of President Trump’s supporters watched the Inauguration ceremony with pride.

Members of the Savannah Area Republican Women’s Group cheered during a watch party at Tubby’s Tank House in Thunderbolt as Mr. Trump took the Oath of Office.  Many of them said they believe the new President will push for stronger women’s rights and successfully face the tough challenge when it comes to possible cuts to Medicare and Social Security.  Today, his supporters also addressed the issue of race relations.  They also reacted to criticism Mr. Trump sometimes receives when it comes to social media.

“I wanna see peace in our mixed racial communities.  I wanna see the country begin to heal the wounds,” says Jerry Reeves, a U.S. Marine.

“I guess I understand why he is tweeting, and I guess I wish sometimes he would temperate it a little bit, but it’s a new world that we’re in.  I don’t tweet, I don’t know how, I wish I did, but that is the way to communicate in today’s world,” says Marolyn Overton with the Savannah Area Republican Women.

The watch party was cut a bit short after the power went out at Tubby’s Tank House and all over Thunderbolt.  Many supporters were forced to watch the Inauguration on their Smart Phones.  Georgia Power says a problem with one of the power poles caused the outage to about 400 customers.



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