Jury awards crash victim $15 million

PEMBROKE, Ga (WSAV) – The jury in the trail for Megan Richards reached a verdict Friday night.

They jury awarded  $15 million in compensatory damages to the former Georgia Southern nursing student and crash survivor.

The civil trial jury began its deliberations around 5 Friday afternoon after nearly three hours of closing arguments by the defendants and plaintiffs

“As Billy said this is it, there’s no coming back in the future saying ‘well that wasn’t enough’ to compensate her,” says Bob Cheeley representing Megan Richards.

Richards is a former nursing student who was one of two survivors in the deadly 2015 crash on I-16. She is the only victim to take the driver, Total Transportation and its parents companies to trial.

“Is there anyone one of else that doesn’t believe, that until the good Lord takes her away that she will live with what happened that morning? Is there any one of us,” says family attorney Billy Jones.

“That’s what the evidence will show and has shown, that’s what we are challenging. We believe that she will recover from those injuries and she will move forward and be what she always wanted to be and that is to be a good nurse,” says defense attorney David Dial.

Family attorneys asked the jury to demand the defense compensate the Richards family with no less than $25 million.

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