Merger meeting heats up at ASU

SAVANNAH, Ga. – The crowd booed as one of the panel members first spoke about the merger at the podium.

Faculty and staff demanded answers to many of the questions they had and they say they didn’t get them.

“It didn’t really answer any of my questions. My main concern was what majors are going to stay on the different campuses and that was not answered at all,” Karissa Rucker, a sophomore at ASU, said.

“I don’t think we should’ve had a meeting because a lot of the answers were we don’t know right now,” Mya Nelson, another ASU student, added. “There’s a plan, but it’s not instated yet so I don’t think any of them were really prepared.”

Some campus organizations even felt like they had unanswered questions.

“We’re still left without answers on what we need to do and I talked to the president of my organization at the other university all the time and even our national headquarters is waiting to see exactly what happens to know what my organization can do about the two chapters that are at each one,” Sean White, a fraternity member, said.

Armstrong students and faculty felt frustrated after the Town Hall meeting Thursday night.

One they didn’t think was a meeting at all.

“All of the questions that were asked were predetermined, or prescreened, and I basically felt like I got canned answers,” William Schaffer, who’s son attends ASU, said.

Panel members gave an example of Armstrong’s well-known nursing program and how it would stay, but there were no specifics about other programs or majors.

Especially for one student with a rare major, Radiologic Sciences.

“It’s one of those majors that are like specifically here,” Rucker said. “That only, I think one of the only in Georgia that offer bachelors in those programs.”

The same situation for fraternities and sororities.

Panel members said they don’t know what the future holds for them either.

“For us our bylaws nationally stipulates that there has to be a music program at the sheltering institution,” White said.

Some students are even considering different schools including Nelson who’s a dentistry student and get receive her degree elsewhere.

“I might as well finish there and get my bachelor’s there and then also join the dentistry program at their graduate school,” Nelson said.

We have continuing coverage on the merger. Click here for more on the athletics program at ASU and here for Georgia Southern’s response.

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