Supporters of ACA to Congressman Carter: don’t repeal

Penny Clark of Savannah took some time Tuesday morning to visit her congressman but it wasn’t a completely friendly visit. She joined about 50 other supporters of the Affordable Care Act who are concerned that efforts in Congress to repeal the law have already begun.

Clark says her nine year old son requires “life-sustaining medicine every day and expensive medical check ups” and she is terrified about losing coverage. “We absolutely need insurance for my family and especially my son and the ACA is the only way to guarantee currently that with a pre-existing condition you can get coverage,” she told me.

Congressman Carter who is a staunch opponent of the ACA (which many refer to as Obamacare) told us in an emailed statement that “Obamacare has taken the free market out of the healthcare system and driven up costs.”

He said that lawmakers are in the process of delivering a “stable transition to another system that will ensure more choices and be more patient-centered.”

Still, Clark wonders about the replacement part of that statement saying the U.S. Senate has already started the repeal process with little information about what might be put in place of the ACA. “Originally it was repeal and replace. Now it’s repeal, then replace. And probably repeal because it looks good (politically) and then never bother replacing because the people voting have the best healthcare of anyone in this country. And it’s crazy to me they don’t have to face the same concerns the rest of us do, about whether or not we can afford medicine or whether or not we have insurance,” says Clark.

She and others worried that millions of people who now have coverage through the ACA may end up with little or nothing. “I am absolutely horrified that we live in a country where we are going to let millions of people, in Georgia half a million people alone will lose their health insurance if the ACA is repealed, that’s crazy that’s why our ER have six hour wait times when we didn’t have the ACA,” said Clark.

Clark says she wishes she and all other families could “get the healthcare coverage that those in Congress get.”

Here is the complete statement from Congressman Buddy Carter:

“I work every day to represent all citizens in the First District of Georgia. I appreciate hearing from citizens, and it’s important that I do, so I am better able to represent them. I thank everyone who came out to my office today to let me know their thoughts on a very important issue that I have spoken with citizens across the district about. As a lifelong health care professional, our nation’s health care system is of the utmost importance to me, as well. However, while I believe we have the greatest health care system in the world, the current model is not working. Obamacare has taken the free market out of our health care system while driving up costs, taking away choices, and putting bureaucrats between patients and their health care providers. That is why I am committed to working with my colleagues in Congress on both sides of the aisle to resuscitate our health care system. We are already in the process of delivering a stable transition to a system that is patient-centered, costs less, provides more choices, and ensures all Americans have access to health care.

“I have been scheduled to travel to Washington, D.C. today, but we always welcome constituents to our offices at any time. My office is working with members of the group to set up a meeting.”

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