Ignite Savannah Vision Board Party

Are you looking for a change? Well we know everyone dreams of finding joy and fulfillment.
Visualizing your goals is one way.
You can get started by participating in what’s being called the biggest vision board party and empowerment session in the hostess city.
Ignite Savannah could be your breakthrough for new opportunities.
The organizer of the event says it’s a great way to learn and take a leap to improve your life.
“It’s time to just ignite. Just because you’re failing struggling or whatever doesn’t mean you’re always going to be there. But most importantly I want people to walk away from this event and say I can make a million dollars or a difference with what I have. Not with what I don’t have,” explains Wealth Builder, Sarita Pittman.
The interactive program will feature some inspiring speakers who will talk financial independence, wealth building, entrepreneurship, and leadership.
New Chatham County Commissioner Jay Jones is excited about giving a talk at Ignite Savannah.
“What motivates me is seeing people get happy. What motivates me is seeing Savannah get better. What motivates me is getting Chatham County into a different platform.
This is the right time right place to ignite that kind of passion so we can make sure Savannah gets put back on the map like it should be.”
Ignite Savannah is this Saturday, January 21 at 11:00 a.m. at the Holiday Inn – 520 West Bryan Street in downtown Savannah.
For ticket information click here

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