How to help WWII veteran with home improvements

HINESVILLE, Ga. – After faithfully serving his country in World War II, Ned Brown is now asking for the country’s help.

The 94 year-old continues to decline in health, despite still retaining his sharp whit and drive.

“[I] Fall up against the wall and hit the corner of the house and inside of the house,” Brown said.

He moved to his Hinesville home in 1953 where he and two of his children still live to this day.

“I’m just proud that he’s here after 94 years and having done all that in the early part of his life and then still be the man that he is today,” Brown’s daughter Carolin Ellis said.

Ellis acts as his primary care giver and has a front row seat to his ailing condition.

“His wheelchair isn’t accessible to get through the doors, to where they currently are,” Ellis said.

After getting connected with the Disabled American Veterans, Brown is finally getting a chance to improve his home for the safety of himself and his family.

“We need to keep the promise that we made to these veterans and that’s to take care of them,” DAV member Brenda Shelton said.

Shelton, Brown and Clark’s Home Improvement are currently working to improve his home, including his crumbling laundry shed.

“Right now we have done the full estimate and just the ramp, porch door widening and remodel of the shed where he keeps his clothing material is about ten thousand for material costs,” Clark’s Home Improvement’s Heather Brooks said.

To donate to Ned Brown’s home improvement project, contact Brooks at (912) 227-1575.



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