Developers introduce two new possible looks to Downtown area

SAVANNAH, Ga. – “They asked specific questions about what people liked and didn’t like about Broughton, Bay and River Street,” Bridget Lidy, the project leader said. “From that information we’re able to take and compile it with the information from the previous public meeting and come up with some thoughts and some analysis in order to present the concepts.”

Just under a month ago results were given to developers from community members with their thoughts on Downtown Savannah.

From what people love to improvements that need to be made and they didn’t hold back at Thursday night’s public meeting in the Coastal Georgia Center for the Downtown Streetscape Initiative.

“Parking always remains and issue,” Frank Breslin, a Savannah resident, said. “We have a dedicated space in the Ellis Square garage, but still parking is an issue that needs to be addressed.”

One idea presented was a Coastal Savannah design. It has more palm trees and eliminated parking all together on Bay Street.

The other is a Historic Savannah design which would bring the history of the Hostess City back to life. Northside parking on Bay Street would be gone and they’d like to add a gathering area right in the middle of Broughton Street in between Drayton and Whitaker.

“I think improving the streetscape I like the idea of slowing down traffic on Bay Street, the trucks on Bay Street,” Breslin said. “I think they’ll always be with us because it’s a state highway and that’s probably not going to change in my lifetime.”

This project has been in the works for some time, but it might actually be completed.

“We’ve had a lot of planning occur the last 10 to 15 years and a lot of the plans have done, but there’s never been the impetus to actually do the implementation,” Lidy said.

With feedback from the community they’ll be able to bring one of these plans to life.

“With this particular planning process we’re doing the design concepts, building around those plans, and then actually we have the resources to go ahead and do the implementation for certain portions of the plans,” Lidy said.

They still have a few more public meetings to go. However, this process is expected to end in June or July this year.

Then they’ll move forward with getting a construction company to beginning work on the final results.

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