Richmond Student headed to inauguration with Buddy Carter’s help

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Cole Barfield, 16, has one mission and that’s to “Get Cole to Trump. With help from some very high up friends he’s nearly there.

“It’s pretty much just going to be an experience to where I can Facebook Live it, get my message out while I’m there in front of all these politician’s,” Barfield said.

News three first covered Barfield’s ambitions in December 2016 and it went viral.

“After the story here aired I got multiple calls for interviews from other places and the viralness of it actually went up a lot more post per share,” Barfield said.

So much so that it reached Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter

“He’s such an inspiring young man and it’s always good to see anyone involved in politics, but especially young people,” Carter said. “I mean let’s face it; they’re the future of our country. We need them to be involved. We need them to have an interest.”

After seeing Barfield’s story carter did something that’s nearly impossible.

“He actually called me a couple weeks ago and was like would you like to go to the inauguration and I’ll find a way to get you tickets,” Barfield said. “So, I filled out the application and everything online even though it was closing and I sent information to his office and he helped me out a lot.”

And that help has landed him a hot seat to one of the biggest events this year.

“We’ve gotten him two tickets to the inauguration which are valuable items which you can imagine,” Carter said. “They’re very much in demand and we’re only allotted a certain amount per office.”

Barfield will be that much closer to getting his message across to the man himself to help teens all across the country.

“Making the future better for kids our age because like I said in the first interview kids our age are coming up into voting age and adulthood very soon and in these four years it’s going to be our responsibility for his second term,” Barfield said.

If you would like to learn more about Barfield’s message or give him your support you can catch up with him Saturday afternoon. He’ll be at Panera Bread in Pooler, Ga. from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

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