Homeless camp revived in President Street construction zone

City to demolish shack built by homeless man

(SAVANNAH) A homeless camp where nearly one hundred people used to live along President Street is showing signs of revival. The city closed the camp in the summer of 2014. At the time, more than 93 people were squatting on the plot of land on the south side of President Street across from the intersection with General McIntosh Boulevard.

When construction on upgrades to the intersection began in July, 2014, all of the homeless, including some who’d been there for decades, were cleared out. Now, it appears that people are once again living there. News 3 found much more than tents, there is a wooden structure that’s been erected and “The Flint Water Center” has been spray-painted on the side of the shack, which appears to be complete with make-shift gutters, a homemade chimney and fireplace. There’s even windows, a porch, and what appears to be plumbing set up with a drainage pipe that leads to a hole in the ground

The city of Savannah deemed the area unsafe for a camp in 2014 due to it’s proximity to the heavy construction that was set to begin to upgrade that stretch of President Street. Now, the revived campsite sits just a few yards away from the traffic barrier and the machinery that’s building the road. City representatives say they will investigate the situation and News 3 will continue to follow the story. The revived camp is about a quarter-mile from the scene where a homeless man was stabbed to death in an altercation Tuesday, January 10, 2016. Police arrested the suspect in the murder, Edward Behl, a day later when Behl returned to the same area where the murder occurred.

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