Senior Safety With Yellow Dot Program

SAVANNAH, Ga. – (WSAV) “I’m 75 years old and I live on my own and I do the best that I can,” says Pat Ridder. But sometimes, as she says, life gives you lemons.

“I was walking up with the grocery cart…. This is where I fell,” she recalls. Ridder took a bad fall a few months ago. She was trying to get her groceries into the house with a cart when the cart tipped, and so did she. She felt into a dry hedge and the branches split her head open.

When the EMT’s showed up, they instantly knew her medical history and what medications she was taking… all thanks to a little yellow dot on her front window.

“It is a program that enables first responders to understand what may be wrong with an individual at the scene maybe of an accident or when they’re called to a persons home, ” says Nancy Neff, who is in charge of the pilot program.

It’s called Yellow Dot Program and it’s just that– a yellow dot sticker for the front window of your house or car, that means important medical information is either on the fridge or in the glove compartment of your car.

“It lists all the medications that they’re taking, and it also has their medical history, their allergies,” says Kevin Hertzwig, who’s in charge of distribution for Savannah Yellow Dot Program.

Neff and Hertzwig are part of the Greater Savannah Coalition On Aging, which brough Yellow Dot to town. They say it’s been in the works here in Georgia for years, but the state has never really been able to get it off the ground.

So now that the coalition’s got it going, they’re handing it over to be ran by Senior Citizens Inc.

“We expect that ultimately the entire state will have this project,” Neff says.

Which means that more people will join Ridder in her gratitude. “I’m really grateful for Yellow Dot. I’m really grateful for Yellow Dot.”

The program is entirely free to the public and you don’t even have to be a senior. To contact Senior Citizens Inc. about getting on board, you can call them at 912-236-0363.

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