Mother who was arrested for homicide by child abuse was in court today

(NBC News) 14 year old Sarah Toney, was arrested in November of 2015 days after her 5 month old daughter, now known as “Baby Grace,” went missing from Toney Socastee’s home.
Baby Grace was found by rescue drivers in a creek behind Toney’s home. Today she pled guilty at a hearing in Horry County.
Toney was arrested and later charged with homicide by child abuse and unlawful neglect of a child, according to court records. She has remained in custody at J. Reuben long detention center since that time.
She will be sentenced to a mandatory minimum 20 years in prison.
During the hearing, Dr. Emily Gottfried, a forensic psychologist from M.U.S.C, testified that she evaluated Toney’s mental status, and determined that she was competent to stand trial, criminally responsible, and had the capacity to conform to law.
Dr. Gottfried also testified that a urine analysis indicated Toney was under the influence of methamphetamines and opiods, and that Toney admitted to using these drugs about three days before the incident. Dr. Gottfried said the psychotic symptoms she was experiencing were likely substance-induced. She diagnosed Toney with three substance abuse disorders.
Dr. Gottfried said she didn’t think that Toney had bipolar disorder, but anger and rage symptoms did align with borderline personality disorder.
The judge ruled that toney had the capacity to know right from wrong, and was criminally responsible for the offenses.

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