Man gets ticket for parking in own driveway

Parking ticket recipient takes rage to social media

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — In Roseville, Michigan – a man by the name of Nick Taylor received a parking ticket because he left his car running for several minutes to warm up while he was in his home. The kicker is that, Mr. Taylor parked his car in his own drive-way.

Apparently, it is an ordinance violation to do this. Taylor’s reasoning for his crime is weather related. No doubt it is cold in the morning in most states here in America. Taylor provides this reasoning for his crimes, “Every person warms up their car … we live in Michigan!”

This is not a made up story or an opportunity to rant on police. This is a real thing.

After five minutes or so, Taylor comes out of his house to discover a ticket.

“Motor Vehicle Unattended”

“Police said the key component of the case is whether the key is in the car. Using a remote starter is okay because the key isn’t in the car.”

Tickets are stressful and there are plenty of ways to get them. Anyone who has had a parking ticket knows the feeling of walking up to their car and seeing that dreaded document snuggled between the wind shield and the windshield wiper blades. Most people are mad because the consequence for these parking tickets comes with annoyance and a monetary hit to the bank account.

Cooler heads did not prevail in this ordeal as Taylor took his outrage to social media. In the Michigan man’s boiling disgust he called the officer some names.

Not the way to get the ticket thrown out!

Taylor will be due in court to battle this ticket in the coming month.

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