Just How Important Are Your Car’s Tire Pressure and Oil Change?

SAVANNAH, Ga. – (WSAV) We drive our cars every day to get to work, to take the kids around, to run errands… but the smallest things can cost us a lot.

“I seen people ya know, I put transmission fluid in the master cylinder or engine oil in the transmission or oil in the radiator of the car…. it cost them several thousand dollars,” said Jeff Hubbard.

He knew how to work on car engines by the age of six.

“My father, ran tow trucks when I was a child and I seen something as simple as low air pressure cost someone’s life,” he said,”A tire blow, that’s a terrible thing to happen. If you had knowledge to maybe look before you started it.”

That’s why he and his girlfriend, Stephanie, spend their free time teaching people the basics, such as how to properly tighten lug nuts in a  star formation when changing a tire and that your car needs to be turned on when checking transmission fluid. Even something as simple as putting any other fluid aside from water in with break fluid, can destroy your car.

“Any other oils, engine oil, transmission fluid, any other type of fluid that you put in there is going to swell the rubber break lines in the car and none of the breaks are gonna work almost immediately,” Hubbard said.

He and his girlfriend say the most important thing for a driver is to be informed. “Know your car. I don’t think you should operate it… if you’re not comfortable with it,” Hubbard said, “You should do a safety check before you drive it each time. It’s worth it. Your life is worth that.”

To contact them regarding their safety lessons, you can reach Jeff Hubbard at 912-414-3969 and Stephanie Owens at 706-346-0505.

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