Clemson claims national championship in the last second

A long time coming and captured in a very short moment

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — Last night in Tampa, Florida: it came down to the wire between South Carolina and Alabama.

Those watching the game that turned off the tube, even a second before the games’ end, will be surprised to learn that the Clemson Tigers- now National Champions had won the contest.

The last championship for Clemson was in 1981. For those of you who might need some landmarks for this time frame: MTV was launched in this year, Ronald Regan became President in 81’ and shot that same year.
South Carolina fans decked out in orange and purple held watch parties. Enormous lines formulated back at the campus bookstore; students and alumni hoping to be first to sport the new ‘National Champions’ gear.

One fan said, “It’s a little bigger than me, but we won the natty tonight and we’re gonna win it again, so I just want to be able to remember the night.”

Another fan said, “I didn’t know if we’d ever win one in my lifetime. Yeah my college years were… you know… started out pretty bad. It was right at the start of the dabo era, but we on top now.”

As of last night South Carolina now has two national titles in the history of the school.

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