2017 may bring higher gas prices

While quite a few Americans reported on New Year’s Eve that they were glad to see 2016 coming to an end, they may not have realized one thing. 2016 was the cheapest year for gas since 2012. That was due to lower oil prices. But all that is expected to change (at least a bit) in 2017.

Price hikes promised by OPEC are being put into place. In Georgia, the price of gas is now 40 cents higher than it was a year ago. Gas prices have inched up every day for the past 13 days.

GasBuddy predicts prices could increase by as much as 50 cents per gallon in 2017.

AAASouth isn’t making such predictions in terms of price but Garrett Townsend does say prices are definitely higher now than in 2016. AAASouth’s website says that nationwide, the average price is now close to $2.37 per gallon. We found prices in Savannah all the way from $2.17 to $2.39 per gallon. “In Savannah the average price for regular unleaded is 2.27 a gallon today,” said Townsend.

Scott Malcom who was visiting his daughter from Tennessee where the gas prices are a bit lower responded to word that prices may be going up this year and that low oil prices in the past few years are driving that increase. “Oh yeah there’s always a reason and there’s always that feeling that prices go up a whole lot faster than they go down,” he told me. “They go up dimes and down in pennies.”

Joaquin Johh from Savannah was a bit more animated when we talked about prices. The fluctuations even within the Savannah area, are frustrating to him. “You might go to Garden City and see they’ve got it for this much and then to south Savannah and it’s this much. As a matter of fact I came all the way over here (to the southside) because gas is 2.17 versus not even two miles away and it’s $2.34. Now that’s ridiculous. it’s the same gas,” he said.

AAASouth says average prices are determined by analyzing overall prices and then studying individual metro areas.

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