Russian hacking enormously beneficial for Trump Campaign

The question is not about winning the Presidency but how he got there

SAVANNAH,Ga (WSAV) —  According to Rep. Adam Schiff (D) of California, “The fact that there was no evidence of tampering with machines, doesn’t mean that it didn’t influence the outcome of the election as… Donald Trump has said in his statement.”

President-Elect Trump told the New York Times this Friday (by phone) that the focus on the cyber attacks are a, “Political witch hunt” conducted by his political adversaries. President-Elect Trump further explains that those against him are just plain embarrassed because he won the election and they lost to him.

Rep. Adam Schiff also said,

“The daily dumping of damaging material to Secretary Clinton was enormously consequential in terms of her campaign. It was enormously beneficial to Donald Trump. To ignore that, or to say it didn’t happen, is quite inaccurate. All of this was of course enabled by the Russian cyber operations.”


Vice President- Elect Pence had made this statement to CNN. 

It was as President-elect said, it was a constructive and respectful dialogue… and  President elect has made it very clear that we are going to take aggressive action in the early days in our new administration.. to combat cyber attacks and protect the security of the American people from this type of intrusion in the future”


Intelligence Experts View

US intelligence officials believe Russia did,  in fact,  launch a massive hacking and disinformation campaign to undermine the democratic process; with the intention of hurting Hillary Clinton. This finding was contained in a highly sanitized version of the intelligence report delivered to President-elect Trump.

After the briefing President-Elect issued a statement saying, “There was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election”

The Democrat’s View 

Democrats are saying the point at hand is being missed. Senior Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-California) says, “The American people have the right to know what a foreign power did to disrupt the election.”

Later on Friday

Brian Mooar of NBC News reports that, “The next President Acknowledged in his statement that Russia might have been among the nations involved in political hacking.

Please check back with for more updates to this story.


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