4 People Arrested in Facebook Torture

Cruelty to a mentally challenged man on a colossal scale


CHICAGO. (WSAV) —  An 18-Year-old male with special needs was tortured for an agonizing 30 minutes on a Facebook live-stream. The victim was targeted because he was mentally challenged.  The details of the assault are even more gruesome.

The Attack

In the Facebook stream the 18-year-old is seen:  tied up, mouth covered with a rag, and curled-over in the corner of the room. The attackers cut the victim’s forehead with a knife.

On top of all the trauma this man suffered-  a more disturbing detail. He was taken out of the suburbs where he resides and left on his own for up to 48 hours.

Chicago police have stated the man was discovered roaming the streets in crisis. Police also said that it took the man most of the night to calm himself down from the attack.  Authorities tried asking questions as part of the investigation; but were unsuccessful most of the evening due to the mans frantic state.


The Attackers 

The torture carried out by alleged suspects went on for a daunting 30 minutes- this should hint at the nature and character of the suspects. There is little information as to why this assault occurred in the first place. The four attackers arrested are of African-American descent; 2 males and 2 females.

In the Facebook-stream the suspects can be heard shouting and taunting remarks at their victim, “Look at em… tied up.” They also mention President-Elect Donald Trump’s name and insinuate that the victim is a Trump supporter. Police are currently investigating if the attack was politically motivated.




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