Hilton Head charter captain on great white shark catch

Hilton Head Island, SC — (WSAV)  Talk about a wild New Year’s Eve! A Hilton Head charter boat captain takes the cake on the craziest night out.

Chip Michalove by-passed the fancy dinner and fireworks this holiday and went straight for the most thrilling thing he could think…. a battle with a great white shark.

“The left side of my body was numb for 48 hours, and we actually got nauseous it was so tiring,” Michalove said. “We were whipped. We turned the motor on and chased her for a while and turned the motor off and she pulled the boat for a while at about two miles per hour. She was an extremely powerful animal.”

It’s not his first, but it is his biggest.

“It was so tough to get this fish settled down enough to get pictures and video that we just put a GoPro on a pole and put it under water and started taking video,” he said.
Last year,  News 3 highlighted one of his that clocked in at 2,500 pounds.
Each recorded adventure comes with dose of commentary.

“Holy Moly!” he screams in a video.
It’s enough to remind us: “glad it’s him not me.”

“This was a dinosaur,” he said. This was something I’ve never encountered in my life.”
But this latest 16-footer in the middle of the night has people all over the world watching what’s happening off Hilton Head Island and what the charter boat captain can catch next.

“Expectations are a little different now so my ulcer may come back but it’s better to have that problem than the one of wishing the phone would ring so it’s positive,” he laughed.


So far, tens of thousands of people have watched the captain’s New Year’s Eve catch video on YouTube.
But as for how many want to hop in the boat with him on his next adventure… We’re thinking that number is much smaller!

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