Animal Services reopens; Director encourages owners to find lost pets

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Most of the dogs at Chatham County Animal Services are looking for a new home. Some already have one and are waiting for their owners.

Two weeks after 66 dogs were under quarantine because one puppy had a contagious virus, called Parvo, Animal Services has given the all clear to hand them over.

“It is moving and shaking here,” Kerry Sirevicius, the Chatham County Animal Services director, said. “Not to mention we had to bring in all the stray animals that are being held by our sheltering partners at the Humane Society, Berwick Animal Hospital and Wilmington Animal Hospital. So we’ve had to go make the rounds and bring all of those stray animals here.”

Some of those stray animals will make a trip to One Love Pet Rescue in Greenville, South Carolina.

“Some shelters up North don’t have enough pets to adopt out and sometimes we have enough influx of many many, which is something that happens here on a regular basis,” Sirevicius said. “So we do these transports and then we do transports for other Humane Society’s that’ll place those animals into forever homes.”

Before that happens Animal Services wants to make sure any lost dogs make their way back to their owners.

“We are restarting the clock on all of those dogs that were at other agencies, so that you can come in and you’ve got five days to reclaim your pet,” Sirevicius said. “We want to make sure that they go home first.”

That’s the main goal at the shelter.

“We always want to make sure there’s enough room at the shelter,” Sirevicius said. “We never want to have to euthanize any animals for space. That’s why the transports and us remain very very active in not only letting the population get stagnant here is very important.”

Animal Services has extended its free adoption until January 8th. It was until the end of 2016, but the quarantine got in the way.

You can find its building at 7211 Sallie Mood Dr. in Savannah or call (912) 652-6575. Its hours are Monday through Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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