Seeking sobriety in 2017? Increase in patients seen but not necessarily by choice

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – It’s easy to say you’ll hit the gym a few times, but what about for those looking to stop hitting the bottle in the new year.

“A lot of people really have a tough time over the holidays because there’s so much partying going on,” says Assisted Recovery Center’s Brad Vickers.

ARC treats more than fifty abusers in recovery and average four to five entering their programs come the new year.

“Everybody is scared of change and I tell people look this isn’t the end, it’s the beginning,” Vickers adds.

It’s a new beginning for the center in 2017 as well. Be it alcohol, pills or other substances, they are looking to expand treatment thanks to a new accreditation.

“People are kind of apprehensive about it’s definitely a factor the finances can be, and that’s where the CARF accreditation really helps us it opens the door for insurance coverage for us.”

That opens the door for a broader outreach to the community. Peri Kyriacos is in recovery and counsels others at New Day counseling.

“There was a woman in one of my recovery groups that just relapsed over going to a Christmas party and she had four years sobriety, strong sobriety,” says Kyriacos.

She adds that in her experience, the desire to change is not always enough sometimes it takes intervention.

“There’s a lot of DUI’s that happen right and sometime just because someone gets a DUI does not mean they’re going to seek help but they may be forced to.”

Either looking for a new you in the new year or not a repeat of the past, change can come and Kyriacos hopes those who are abusing can make the right change.

“You don’t have to live that way anymore there really is help, reach out for help, get help your life can be so much better.”

If you know someone dealing with the issues of substance abuse coming out of the holiday’s the state department of behavioral health has a crisis line to help 1 (800)-715-4225.

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