9 years later Project DeRenne at a standstill

SAVANNAH, Ga. – “For the city to even make it seem like it’s something so awesome or something so great, to me I feel like it doesn’t involve and it doesn’t entail the citizens of Savannah,” Tia Brightwell, who’s against the project, said.

Nearly nine years later and the city is still discussing the possibility of Project DeRenne.

This project is designed to make the area driver friendly, especially where it connects to I-516.

The project alone would cost the city millions.

“I think it should be killed altogether. It should not even be talked about. If we got millions of dollars let’s put it into something that matters. Let’s do that.”

According to the city website, they’re in phase three of the five phase process, but so far that’s only amounted to studying the impact.

City leaders are trying to understand how it will affect the area as a whole.

However, those who live nearby said they don’t want it.

“All of them are against it,” Brightwell said. “Put it towards something that matters, because DeRenne at the end of the day is not doing anything for the citizens that live here.”

When Brightwell attended the meeting last month she says city’s discussion wasn’t up to par.

“Just talking about the expansion of DeRenne becoming a four way highway,” Brightwell said. “Talking about it bringing in more businesses. And again, to me it’s more about money.”

Money she said should go elsewhere like helping neighborhoods throughout the savannah area.

“The money should be put into places that really matter,” Brightwell said. “I’m not sayin that DeRenne doesn’t matter because it’s already beautiful, it’s already awesome. But to expand it to a four way highway it is unnecessary.”

News 3 has reached out to city leaders for a comment on what they plan to do, but have yet to hear back.

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