2017: Old Dreams Meet New Hopes

Many of us grew up watching Back to Future, where the hoverboard-future was 2015.

Now it’s 2017. 

“I thought we’d have flying cars by now so I’m a little upset about that,” said Jonathan Choez.

As children, we all look to the future and dream of where we’ll be.

“When I was a child, I thought I would already probably be married and have a job at 20 years old,” said Kayla Abirett, “Now, I’m not having kids until I’m old.”

It was quite the opposite for Taylor Hudson.

I can tell you definitely not married with a kid,” he said, “Probably being in a band or something that was my thing back in the high school years so I thought that’s where I was gonna be now-a-days.”

Marriage changed Nikola Milosev’s plans too. He came to visit the United States from Siberia and ended up falling in love.

“I just thought I would come here, just experience a little bit of the states, go home talk about how great it is, ya know, ‘I’m a cool guy went to the states’,” he said, “I never ever imagined I would be here, and I’m happy about it.”

Jerry Onyskiw and his wife, Sheilah, changed their plans to be a little warmer. 

“My wife’s daughter got married here on the beach about 15 years ago,” Onyskiw said, “Then they moved down here and my wife happened to come down and help her unpack. I had retired, and she called me in Chicago and said ‘what’s the weather like?’ This is January, and I said not to bad it’s zero degrees, 12 inches of snow. And she says, it’s 68 here on Tybee so I said, ‘Look for a place.'”

But, regardless of where they thought they’d be this year, a new year means a fresh start.

Somethings just telling me that this year, 2017 is gonna be my year,” said Cory Kelley, ” I got financial goals this year I also got goals to get a puppy and a wife this year, that would be great.”

And like Kelley, many people have some big expectations.

My new year’s resolution is to figure out what I’m gonna do with my life,” said Abirett.

And others, just want to try a little harder for those around them.

“I’m in college, so I made a resolution to spend more time with family,” said Lily Stephens.

Quit tobacco, for the wife, for him (son) you know. And just to be a good dad,” Hudson said.

And Danny Rindone didn’t want to be cliche, as he says, but he hopes this year he can “be nicer to people.”

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