2017 Brings Changes to Various Laws in GA, SC

Kurtis Purtee, the Patrol Lieutenant and Instructor of Armstrong State University Police, showing campus officers how to use their new tasers just ahead of the first day of classes on Monday, August 15th, 2016.

How long has it been since you’ve been to the DMV?

2017 brings good news for anyone who’s stood in those long lines in Georgia.

In South Carolina, the law will keep a better eye on politicians money in the New Year.

Those are some of the changes coming to laws in both states.

A 5% tax on fireworks bought in Georgia is now in effect.

55% of that money goes toward trauma care, and 40% toward training and equipping firefighters.

College campus in Georgia could be a little safer, or scarier depending on who you talk to.

Students over the age of 18 can now carry tasers on all Georgia college campuses.

That law comes after the campus carry bill, which would have allowed student to carry guns, was vetoed back in May by Governor Nathan Deal.

Police officers in Georgia can now make statements to the Grand Jury about their criminal cases.

These officers will also will face cross-examination inside the jury room, and they will not be there for any deliberation by the Grand Jury.

Insurance companies in Georgia cannot force cancer or other terminally ill patients to go through treatments that fail before trying other, more aggressive programs.

The law was spurred on by Georgia’s own, President Jimmy Carter, choosing a more radical treatment tofight his own cancer.

The ‘Georgia Right to Try Act’ makes Georgia one of 30 states in the past two years to allow terminally ill patients the use of experimental drugs that have yet to gain FDA approval.

A South Carolina law will now make it easier to keep land “in the family”

The law gives family members a chance to buy out outside speculators before the land is sold.

A preliminary hearing now will determine whether the land is heirs’ property in the first place.

It is designed to help families who have passed on property for generations but have no will or ownership documents.

South Carolina lawmakers will now have to open their books.

The law says they will have to reveal the sources of their private taxable income.

House Bill 555 requires the Juvenile Court and Administrative Office of the Courts to compile and deliver statistics on girls 17 and younger, who want an abortion without notifying their parents.

As for those changes to the DMV. The Georgia House voted to lengthen the term of your driver’s license from 5 to 8 years.

You will pay a little bit more. $32 in all. You will also need a few more documents to get that license. A passport, birth certificate or citizenship papers and something that shows your social security info.

Gamblers rejoice. Georgia no longer has limits on bingo jackpots, which means you can win bigger than ever by filling up your bingo card.

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