Many enter 2017 focused on good health and a good attitude

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – From happy arrivals to not-so-fond farewells. There are many who are happy to say goodbye to 2016.

Will the new year be any better though?

Many people can think of the confetti on New Year’s Eve as rain washing away some of the worries that came with 2016.

“You can start fresh if it was a bad year, just start fresh,” says Tonya Senatre.

The coastal empire was not without it’s share of loss like the rest of the country saw in 2016. While some celebrate, happy to have the last year behind them, for others, 2016 wasn’t the worst.

“It wasn’t bad it was a pretty good year, economically and socially, I’m glad 2017 is here though, new era new time,” says Dorothy Smith who is visiting the Hostess City to see family before she goes back to New Hampshire.

New years brings the hope of fresh starts, a new beginning, the starting point for self improvement.

“I want to start running more and drinking more water,” says Emily Thomas who we then ask, “Is it cause you’re out of shape? Do you think you’re out of shape Emily? ‘A little bit.'”

Eight year old Emily plans to hit the ground running for 2017 and drag her dad along with her.

“Every night he says, ‘I’m going to wake you up in the morning and we can go running’ yet it never happens.”

New years resolutions though are not for everyone.

“For 2017 there are no New Years resolutions this year we decided not to do that, we’re going to take it as it comes for 2017 and hope that it is much, much more fun and great it was last year,” says Octavia Brown.

Who knows what 2017 has to bring, but one thing remains true year after year.

“You got to live you got to be happy and just be yourself and just make sure everything comes through the way you are looking for it to come through,” Smith says.

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