New Technology To Come In 2017

SAVANNAH, Ga. — (WSAV) With a new year, comes new technology…

But we just couldn’t wait to find out what 2017 had in store. So here’s what to look out for.

In 2016, Apple introduced an iPhone with a wireless headset. In 2017, iRepair owner, Ryan Needley says rumors have it that they’ll put out three new iPhones, one with wireless charging and a curved screen. 

 “You’ll notice on the iPhones right now, they have metal backs and the metal back prevent wireless charging. But the rumor we’re seeing right now is that the new iPhones will have glass backs in 2017 and actually allow for wireless charging,” says Needley.

Virtual Reality took off this year, but experts say it’s not stopping. It’ll only become more common outside of the gaming world and more affordable. 

“For less than $200, $300 dollars, you can easily clip your phone into one of the VR headsets,” says Chris Davis with Geek Squad at Best Buy, “Eventually I feel like once the technology gets a lot more standard and it gets a lot more based where people are used it it, I think we will start seeing more affordable headsets where you can start doing things like that where you can start reaching out and basically start picking up virtual objects much like the Oculus Rift.”

Smart watches have pretty small screens to do everything you can do on your phone, but that might not be a problem in 2017. Davis says the tech world is working on smart watches that will project an image onto your wrist, where you can see notifications and browse the internet.

Amazon Go will launch in Seattle, where users can purchase groceries with their smart phone.

“They actually have those like turnstile type reciprocals where you walk in and then basically you tap your phone on something and basically it cues you up kinda like a bar tab.” Customers will be charged for items by sensors when they pick them up. Then when they walk out, the charges will automatically be deducted from the card they registered on the app.

Smart home devices are expected to get even more advanced, possibly connecting to your phone or computer

Lets say for instance you want to search for something on your computer, you can tell the smart home device, ‘Hey I wanna search for this on my computer,’ it’ll connect to your computer, it’ll pull it up on the internet for you or it will do certain things and you can actually dictate to it and have it type things up on the computer,” says Davis.

We saw Uber and Google begin testing out self-driving cars, but this is going to get a lot more common on our streets. And Davis says it may be a lot safer than you think.

“You have a car that has basically a programming that tells it where it needs to go and then you have a person that is not programmed to have, you need to go in a straight line, you need to turn left, you need to turn right.,” he says. “Anything can happen is all I’m saying, because it already does happen on the road.”


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