Georgia: a string of brazen jewelry heist in yoga pants; woman pleads guilty

Savannah, Ga (WSAV)

Abigail Lee Kemp has plead guilty to a string of brazen jewelry heist. 

Cleverly. Maybe not so clever- (25 year-old) Kemp would research her plan of attack a day ahead. Some of you might be wondering,  “As she was casing stores in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina – did she plan what she was going to wear to go along with the robbery?”

This is no laughing matter; Kemp would come back the next day – but this time with a gun and an earpiece – her partner in crime on the other side. After brandishing a gun and using zip-ties to subdue store employees, she would take what ever her heart desired and leave the store.

In the video-clip provided by NBC News, we see Kemp sporting two different ensembles which will be listed for your information; including thematic titles – for your entertainment

Santa’s Naughty Helper – Between Yoga Classes 


Tank-Top Thursdays



Where is She Now ?


Kemp is facing up to twenty years in prison for the robbery. She faces up to life-in-prison for brandishing a gun. WSAV will be following this story; to include her sentencing on January 13th.



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