Below freezing temps overnight, how you should prepare

SAVANNAH, Ga. – With the cold overnight weather coming in there are several things you need to know before you hit the hay Friday night.

One is to check your pipes. We may only have these low temps for one night, but experts say water pipes in southern climates are more vulnerable to these types of cold spells.

Be sure to check those pipes in your attics, crawl spaces and the ones outside your walls.

Also, don’t forget about our furry friends! Even though pets have fur it doesn’t protect them from below freezing temperatures.

Bring them inside or place them somewhere warm because pets, like cats and dogs, are susceptible to hypothermia and frost bite just like humans in these types of conditions.

And for those who are homeless or looking for a place to stay during this cold time you can point them towards The Salvation Army off of Montgomery Street in Savannah.

They have cots for men, women and children to sleep in. They can also get a hot meal while waiting out the chilly night.

“We open what we call our cold weather cots,” Sierra Turner-Demps, with The Salvation Army, said. “We allow anyone that’s on the streets, homeless, in the camps, sleeping in cars, any parks, any place that’s inhabitant for living. They’re allowed to come in if the temperature reached 40 degrees or below. They’re allowed to stay there all day, because we are a night shelter so we require them to exit in the morning but when the temperatures are that low they’re allowed to stay in all day.”

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