Christmas travel around Coastal Empire in rush before holiday

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Christmas eve travel is in full swing. From airports to highways, millions of people are trying to get to their destination before Christmas

Even if it’s a mad dash to get out of town, the Straat’s would not miss this Christmas.

“Very exciting to have everyone together and seven great grandchildren,” says Jo-Ann Straat who is catching a mid-morning flight with her husband Frank on their way to JFK International.

Seventeen of Jo-Ann and Frank’s family members will come together this Christmas. All of those great grandchildren are visiting great grandma in New York for a special reason nearly a century in the making.

“We are going to see our three grandchildren and my son who is coming in from Chile and my mother two days later is turning 100 years old,” says Straat.

The airport is only expecting a little under ten percent in increase for travel over the weekend mostly because travelers were able to fly out during the week.

The increase in holiday travel is not only being happening at the airport this year but also on local highways as AAA estimates an increase this year in motorists traveling for Christmas by more than a one and a half million.

“It’s been okay as long as the traffic it’s good and the weather has been good so,” says Helaine Rooney who’s from Maryland.

The Rooney’s are on their way to Charlotte, North Carolina tallying more than twenty hours on the road coming from Florida. No matter the transportation, they like the Straat’s are getting where they need to go to enjoy the reason for the season.

“I’m looking forward to Christmas with my grandchildren, watching their eyes light up as they see presents that’s really always been my feeling is that Christmas is for kids and it’s so great to see their magical faces for this magical time of the year,” says Frank Straat.

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