Beating the holiday blues

COLUMBUS, Ga. –  Joy and cheer are not what everyone is feeling over the holidays.

The hustle and bustle of Christmas makes many people blue for various reasons. Experts say:  timelines and the gift selection process; can really affect your state of mind.

From a Professional

Earl Nichols has been counseling people since 1974, and has spent the last  four years at the Pastoral Institute. He says the holidays can really take an emotional toll.

“It wears people down, it can erode their sense of self, their self esteem, the feeling I’m not capable, I’m not competent so all of that can go with the expectations of having to do it all.”

Suffering the loss of a loved one is particularly tough around the holidays. Nichols says family and friends should make sure the person feeling the loss isn’t isolated.

“Don’t place them in the position of saying if you need me just give me a call, reach out to them, take the initiative to call, take them out to lunch, buy them a cup of coffee,  remind them that they are still a part of your circle of important people, they matter, they count.”


Additional Pointers 

Some other tips according to Nichols, take care of yourself, get plenty of sleep, get some exercise, and remember that being around people is healthy even when you don’t feel up to it.

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