Detailing the Cost of a Holiday DUI

The holidays are a time for family, fun, and unfortunately for deadly accidents.

Its a trend South Carolina Highway Patrol hopes to stop with their new campaign.

The second “sober or slammer” commercial SCHP has put out details not just getting picked up for a dui, but the emotional and physical cost of not only getting arrested, but what happens after you get out of jail.

“It hits you in the pocketbook and that’s what really gets folks attention,” explains LCPL Matt Southern of the SC Highway Patrol. “A first offense DUI would be somewhere close to $10,000 for everything thats included in that the fine that your are charged with, the classes, you may have to take, special SR 22 insurance, attorneys fees.”

Not to mention the possibility of a deadly accident. So far this year on South Carolina highways 934 people have died.. including two this week, one of which happened in Bluffton.

“That’s someone’s grandmother or sibling or friend,” explains Southern. “You’ve got to think of it that way too, when you sit down to your celebration and you look to your left or right could you imagine that person not being there next year because that person died in a crash.”

Trooper Southern says what leads to many of these deadly accidents is drivers failing to yield to right of ways, especially when tractor trailers are involved.

To watch the full Sober or Slammer PSA go to

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