Mobile police stage fake arrest to help man propose: What do you think?

(WKRG News Five) Daiwon McPherson said he wanted to give his girlfriend a “YouTube” moment. McPherson and several friends in Mobile’s motorcycle community teamed up with the Mobile Police Department for a proposal like no other- a staged arrest.

Shawna Blackmon, McPherson’s girlfriend of five years, said yes!

This proposal was 2 1/2 months in the making. McPherson told News 5 over the phone that MPD was “all for it.” He said MPD was careful to make sure “no one would spazz out or think anything crazy.” According to McPherson, MPD even sent out a warning message its on-duty officers letting them know that the scene at the gas station on Water Street was a proposal.

Mobile Police Spokesman Terrence Perkins, who is featured in a longer version of the video, was all for this proposal plan too. He says it’s a positive example of community outreach. Perkins says the officers are holding unloaded Tasers. In the video, you can see the officers’ service revolvers remain holstered.

McPherson said he is “shocked” that the video reached viewers outside of Mobile.

Reaction to the video has been overwhelmingly positive. However, some are saying this is in bad taste given that there have been several instances of police brutality and that this video hits too close to home. Most of the people commenting online believe it’s good PR for police, saying it shows they can be involved in something positive.

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